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Give a dog lover in your life a useful and meaningful artisan gift with this keepsake dish. Cream with a simple drawn illustration, the Dog Love Art Heart Keeper bears the words, "All you need is love and a dog." Understated, charming and neutral, any dog owner will be able to make it part of their home. It can be held in the hand and displayed for an impactful but not intrusive statement. Can be placed on a table, desk, shelf or dresser top. Anywhere treasures are kept. This is the perfect inspirational sculpture to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs and to show that you feel the same or appreciate their feelings. Any dog owner will love this dish. Buy as a gift for dog lovers for holidays, the passing of their dog, the adopting of a new dog or anytime.

  • Size: 3"w x 3.5"d
  • Materials: resin, paper, metal, iron, felt

Tags: Art, Box, Dog, Heart, Keeper, Keepsake, Love, Puppy, Valentine, Valentines day