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*Bright & Bubbly – a refreshingly sweet pink champagne flavor

Constantly applying chapstick isn’t a real solution to your chapped lips. Chapstick just masks the underlying issue of dry lips. You need a real remedy that solves your chapped lips, for good.

"Our Buff Collection of Sugar Lip Scrubs was designed with your skincare (and senses) in mind. Each all-natural formula was developed to stimulate healthier lips along with your sense of smell. A soft sugar-scrub that leaves your lips supple and ready for your favorite Kismet lip product.

First, we use fine grained sugar which is gentle, yet effective enough to buff dry skin away while stimulating better blood flow. Then the powerful trio of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Whipped Coconut Oil deeply moisturizes lips to heal even the driest skin while helping to create a protective barrier to prevent any further damage.

Here is where our lip scrubs stand out (again), we added Neem to our vegan blend. Neem is the ideal ingredient to treat super dry and super cracked lips. So whether your lips are in SOS mode or just need a little extra care, our Buff Sugar Lip Scrubs will have you ready for any lip color your heart desires." - Kismet 

Buff is made with 100% all natural oils and butters, making it safe enough to eat (although we didn’t say that…) and it comes in 5 delicious flavors:

To Use: Simply apply a fingertip amount to your lips and rub them in to remove any dry, peeling skin. Wipe with a warm cloth. Lips are instantly softened. Safe to use nightly. Ditch that chapstick!

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