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Gratitude Journal

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The simple act of writing down things we are grateful for helps us to cultivate happiness and find joy in life, whether through the mundane or the difficult. This gratitude journal provides a space to remember and reflect on those things we are grateful for, whether an experience, person, or thing. It features a weekly layout with a space for every day of the week to write our what you are grateful for. This organized layout not only allows you to keep a record of what you are grateful for, but also enables you to reflect on why you are grateful for those things. Even if it’s only one sentence a day, as you focus on gratitude, you will find joy and the readiness to return the kindness.


Each journal is 8.25" x 5.5" with a sewn binding. The front cover is printed on heavy card stock and includes a matte lamination for added protection. The words "Prayer Journal" are included in gold foil. The inside pages are printed on high quality, smooth paper. 

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