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Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

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Pair this diffuser with a box set of essential oils.

Main Features:
 Natural air freshener
Our ultrasonic technology breaks up essential oil into micro-particles, creating a fine water vapor that spreads throughout any room.

 Improve oil quality and efficacy
By spraying a cold and even mist, essential oil is heated to preserve their therapeutic benefit. Especially important for temperature-sensitive oils like our cold-pressed lemon or bergamot oil.

 Large water tank capacity
450ml water capacity, ultrasonic vibration turns the water and oil into an ultrafine scented mist that refreshes rooms.

 Ultra-quiet design
Ultrasonic diffusing technology produces vibrations at a low frequency, super quiet and without any noise when working.

 Time setting mode
Four timing modes are available, 1hour, 3hours, 6hours and ON respectively, according to your needs to set it.

– Water auto shut off
Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: how do I clean my diffuser?
A: unplug the diffuser from the power supply, and remove the lid. Pour out any remaining water from the water tank. For a quick every day clean, wipe the inside of the diffuser with a damp cloth to remove any remaining oil residue.

Q: what type of essential oil works out with your diffusers?
A: our diffuser is designed to work with 100 percent pure, therapeutic grade oils. Those containing chemical fragrances, spices or impurities will cause malfunction.

Q: how many drops of essential oils are needed for each use?
A: depending on your favorite blend, we suggested that use 3 – 5 drops per 100ml water at a time.


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