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"Vacuums can carry some serious odors and every time you turn it on - they are released in the air. Our Vacuum Beads solve this issue by releasing a fabulous fragrance in the air every time you vacuum. Made from recyclable plastic beads, they will not leave behind dust and powder residue like vacuum powders - which are harmful to pets and children who crawl on the floors. Simply add to your bag or canister and let them do their magic." - Good Home Co. 
  • Each bottle contains enough for 12 to 14 uses.
  • 10 oz glass bottle.


Add 25 beads, about a handful, to your vacuum or canister. When the vacuum is on, the scent will be dispersed into the air. Discard when bag or canister is full.

Recommended for all bag and bagless/canister vacuums, as well as hand-held vacuums. Not recommended for use with a Dyson vacuum or brands of vacuums that lack an exhaust system. The lack of exhaust systems prevents the scent from being released.


Plastic beads scented with fragrance.

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